Kevin Stefanski sees the potential value in bad-weather Browns games

The Browns have played three straight games in challenging conditions. That will, as a practical matter, make it easier for them if they have to play in the elements in January.

“I am glad we played in these last three ball games and played in the elements because that is what you are getting ready to play in when December and January football rolls around,” coach Kevin Stefanski told reporters on Monday. “That is Northeast Ohio. We understand that. I think now we are going down to Jacksonville, I peeked at the weather report and it said 73 [degrees] so now we have to talk about dealing with the heat. Those are the elements, and we have to be ready to play in all of them.”

The Browns lost in nasty conditions to the Raiders, but they have won under similar conditions twice now, beating the Texans and Eagles. And it will help them be better prepared for January games that will be played in the elements, if the Browns make the playoffs.

Although a home game in the postseason is highly unlikely, the Browns could be going to Pittsburgh or Kansas City or Buffalo and facing bad weather. The more bad-weather games the Browns play between now and then, the better off they’ll be.

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